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Helping to prepare the "Next Generation" for school, life and beyond.

Infants (4 Weeks - 1 Year)

Infants will be cared for with an on demand schedule. Your baby will eat and sleep as they need. Every childs diaper is changed every 2 hours or more often as needed. Some of the ways we help nurture babies are by rocking them, singing, reading stories and interacting in loving ways.  We will help encourage communication by babbling, singing and talking. Each child will be given individual attention to ensure they always feel safe and loved. We communicate very openly with the parents to make sure we are caring for their child the way they want us to.

​Toddler Class (1 -2 Year Olds)

Our toddlers are on the go! They will begin to learn group activities at this age. They will have a daily circle time and simple learning activities. They will begin to learn colors, shapes, numbers and letters (of course not all at once). Children at this age thrive off of a routine daily schedule. Meal time, nap time, bathroom breaks, activities and free time are routine everyday. Books, music, free play and so much more will be just a few of the things involved in your child's daily schedule. At this age we also help to promote independence by teaching them to use utensils at meal time, begin to dress themselves, use the potty and so much more.

Preschool / Pre Kindergarten Class (3 - 5 Year Olds)

Our preschoolers are learning so much everyday! Preschool is conducted every morning Monday - Friday during the school year from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.  During this time the children will learn about the weather, months, days of the week, colors, shapes, letters, numbers and more! Each day your child will do a craft pertaining to the letter of the week. Every Friday is show and tell, so bring your favorite toy to share with your friends. Circle time is done every morning as a group to promote interaction. Art, reading, social & emotional development are just a few of the areas we will work on everyday. Singing, laughing, and PLAYING are among the necessities for a day of FUN! Come out and experience a day in preschool with our wonderful teachers and eager learners! We also offer before and after school care, as well as care for children on no school days. We are only closed for major holidays. Fun summertime activities ensure that your childs summer break is always fun and a learning experience.

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